Medical Secretary (Office Administration) Course A – 290694

The aim of this programme is to enable the learner to develop the relevant knowledge, skills and competence in a broad range of office skills which enable employment, in a general office setting and specifically in the area of medical (such as hospitals, GP and healthcare clinics, nursing homes and home help services) and financial (such as credit unions, estate agents, insurance and contact centre settings) administration, or progression to further education or training.


  • Education: The learner who has either successfully completed a programme leading to a level 4 QQI Certificate OR can demonstrate the levels of knowledge, skill and competence associated with NFQ level 4 will be eligible to apply for entry to this programme.
  • Aptitude: In order for the learner to have a realistic chance of achieving the standard of a level 5 award, it is expected that the learner should be able to: • Proficiently read, draft, prepare and understand information across a broad range of topics, for example, in relation to a community concern or a work based plan or solution • Proficiently read, draft, prepare and understand quantitative information • Assume partial responsibility for consistency of self understanding and behaviour • Solve predictable problems, independently and as part of a familiar and less familiar group • Demonstrate a range of practical and cognitive skills and tools • Act with a considerable amount of responsibility and autonomy • Attend timetabled classes for the duration of the programme • Complete self directed hours of learning in the form of practice time, preparation, study time and reflection time, as appropriate • Participate in all programme related activities • Participate in work experience, as appropriate
  • Previous Experience: The learner may be progressing onto this programme from community education, Youthreach, second level education or other formal or informal learning. The learner may or may not have had a positive experience of education in the past but will have expressed an interest in learning new things and practicing new skills. It is expected that the learner will have a range of learning styles, strengths and needs related to the programme.

We offer a selection from:

Title Award Awarding Body
Work Experience Work Experience (5N1356) QQI
Communications Level 5 Communications (5N0690) QQI
Audio Transcription Audio Transcription (5N1549) QQI
Information And Administration Information & Administration (5N1389) QQI
Reception And Frontline Office Skills Reception & Frontline Office Skills (5N1407) QQI
Word Processing – 5N1358 Word Processing (5N1358) QQI
Audio Transcription-5N1549 Audio Transcription (5N1549) QQI
Database Methods – 5N0783 Database Methods (5N0783) QQI
Medical Terminology – 5N2428 Medical Terminology (5N2428) QQI
Spreadsheet Methods – 5N1977 Spreadsheet Methods (5N1977) QQI
Career Planning 4N1109 Career Planning (4N1109) QQI


Demonstrate a broad knowledge of a range of administration practices, tools,techniques and skills and the nature of the work undertaken in an administrative support capacity in a modern office environment.

Demonstrate knowledge of the value of administration support to a professional organisation and the systems used to provide this support.

Evaluate and use a range of administration skills and techniques to determine and implement solutions to a variety of unpredictable problems.

Demonstrate a broad range of skills in using modern office equipment.

Perform administration tasks in a range of varied and specific contexts taking responsibility for the nature and quality of outputs.

Exercise initiative and responsibility for own performance in an administrative capacity, adhering to agreed timelines and objectives.

Take responsibility for own learning within a structured environment.

Reflect on own performance in an administration role, evaluating personal strengths and identifying development needs.


Student must be VTOS eligible. They must be in receipt of a social welfare payment for at least 6 months and be over 21 years of age.

The modules will be delivered at QQI Level 5. Work placement will be offered as part of the course. English Language supports will be provided if necessary

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Our Adult Literacy and BTEI courses are co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020