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ESOL - Progression Pathways to QQI Level 2 to 5

Dive into the English language and gain confidence to communicate fluently in a social/work environment.

ESOL - Progression Pathways to QQI Level 2 to 5

Course Information

The content may vary, but here is a general outline of what you might find in these courses:
- Engage in extended conversations on various topics with increased fluency;
- Read and understand a wide range of texts, including articles, short stories, and simple literature;
- Write coherent essays, reports, and letters with well-structured paragraphs and logical organization;
- Express thoughts and ideas with greater precision and variety;
- Apply more advanced tenses such as present perfect, past perfect, and future continuous;
- Enhanced Grammar Skills, by using more complex sentence structures, including conditional sentences, reported speech, and passive voice;
- Understand and use a wider range of vocabulary, idiom expressions, and phrasal verbs.


Eligibility criteria may apply.

Entry Requirements

No previous education or experience is required, just a willingness to learn.

Our highly skilled team is here to help you find out your level during the application process with a quick assessment test.


Classes may be accredited on QQI frame work.

Course Schedule

Part-Time courses avaiable mornings, afternoons or evenings.


This course can take place in our Adult Education Centres - Blanchardstown Village, Blanchardstown Road North or in other locations around the D15 area.

How to Apply

Apply in person at the Adult Education Centre Main Street, Blanchardstown Village, Dublin 15, D15T3KT

If you would like more information you can also contact us:

Tel: 01 821 2829 | Email:

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