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Sharon Hennessy - AEO


Welcome to the Adult Education Service, Blanchardstown

Our Adult Education Service has over thirty years of experience delivering high-quality education for adults in Dublin 15 and surrounding areas.

We are proud of our learner-centred approach. In the Adult Education Service, you will find a team of dedicated professionals who care about you and what you want to achieve. We know that juggling family life with learning can be challenging and we take this into consideration with our offer of part-time programmes. Our Adult Education Service provision is located in the heart of your community making it easier for you to access.

Join the thousands of learners who have learnt new skills and achieved success over the years and left our service feeling proud of themselves and what they have achieved.


On behalf of everyone in the Adult Education Service, Blanchardstown, we look forward to welcoming you into our services shortly.

Sharon Hennessy

Adult Educator Officer

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