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Full-Time Courses 
Offered through VTOS - Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme

We offer full-time course options through VTOS (Vocational Training Opportunity Scheme). Those courses are a full-time one-year programme that allows unemployed adults and early school leavers to return to full-time education without losing their social welfare payments. VTOS courses aim to prepare learners to seek further or higher education opportunities or to provide pathways to employment. Courses, books and materials are provided free of charge and learners receive a small lunch allowance and may be entitled to a travel allowance depending on the distance between their home and the centre. 

Elegibility criteria

  • Jobseeker's Benefit 

  • Jobseeker's Allowance

  • One-Parent Family Payment

  • Invalidity Pension

  • Disability Allowance

  • Illness Benefit

  • Those recently made redundant

  • Those on a Tús/CE scheme or who have spent time on a Tús/CE scheme

  • Dependent spouses and those signing for 'credits' who meet VTOS criteria, but will not receive an allowance. 

Applications to the full-time courses open each February for commencement on the course in September of that year. All applicants are assessed and must achieve the required standard in a language, literacy, and comprehension skills assessment in order to join the courses.

Course options

Meet the Team

We have a vast team of experts, driven by a shared commitment to excellence in education. Meet VTOS department key members who can help you throughout your course:

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